Whether it’s a promotional leave behind, a training video or interactive web content- from concept development, to scripting through production and post- we’ll handle every detail from start to finished product.

Our production experience includes low budget feature films, episodic television dramas, documentaries, network sitcoms, investor relations, NGO /non-profit promos, commercials, and political spots.

We staff according to project needs, drawing from a talent pool stocked deep with seasoned pros from myriad skill sets. Before you make the move into visual communications, talk to the folks who know what makes a production successful.

Browse the site and see what we have done for others and discover what we can do for you.

About Zorba

A few years of photojournalism then ten years of commercial stills in his Denver studio, followed by an apprenticeship with a news shooter for the local NBC affiliate which led to a job on a feature, starting as the assistant cameraman and finishing as the cameraman.

Then came the move to Hollywood, where he worked on hundreds of assorted features, music videos, commercials, industrials, documentaries, cable fillers, and episodic TV shows in capacities ranging from technical support, to design, to camera, to direction and production.

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Latest Series: In The Moment

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