Victor Zorba


Camera and Electrical Department | Producer | Cinematographer


A few years of photojournalism then ten years of commercial stills in his Denver studio, followed by an apprenticeship with a news shooter for the local NBC affiliate which led to a job on a feature, starting as the assistant cameraman and finishing as the cameraman.

Then came the move to Hollywood, where he worked on hundreds of assorted features, music videos, commercials, industrials, documentaries, cable fillers, and episodic TV shows in capacities ranging from technical support, to design, to camera, to direction and production.

Production Highlights


  • Bridegroom (won the Audience Award at TriBeCa 2013) (Organica Music Group): Camera
  • Black Eagle (Imperial Ent.): Camera / PM / 2nd Unit
  • Lessie’s Rainbow (Olympic Films): Camera
  • Grizzly Adams II (Edwards Films): Camera
  • Terror on Tour (Tony Films): Camera / B / 2nd Unit
  • Cobra (Cannon Films): Camera / FX
  • Superstition (Carolco): Camera / B / 2nd Unit
  • La Bamba (New Vision): Camera / Miniatures
  • Just For Fun (MS Prod): Camera
  • Alferd Packer (Webb Prod): Camera

Episodic TV

  • High Mtn Rangers (Ashane Prod): Camera / B / 2nd Unit
  • Amazing Stories (Amblin Ent): Camera / Miniatures
  • Lime Street (Mozark Prod.): Camera / PM / 2nd Unit
  • Fallguy (20th Century Fox): Camera / Miniatures
  • Hearts Afire (Mozark Prod.): Camera / PM / 2nd Unit
  • Dave’s World (CBS Ent.): Camera / 2nd Unit
  • Backstage Live (first interactive, live, public access infotainment show) (Mozark Prod.): Camera / W / P

Music Videos & Shorts

  • Timmy in the Trash (Mayzone Prod.): Camera
  • Hellbound Train (Atomic Prod.): Camera
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (Zorba Studios): Camera / P
  • Gates of Lodore (Alameda Studio): Camera / P
  • Cremation of Sam McGee (Univ of Wis): Camera


  • Sales Promo (Jones Intercable): Camera
  • Human Connection (US West): Camera / PM
  • Helping Patients Change (Pearl Productions): Camera / P
  • Drive-In Movie Channel (Alameda Studios): Camera
  • Beatrice, Inc (Interactive Video): Camera / PM


  • A variety of spots for such production companies as Eurofilms, Haynes Productions, and Hancock & Brace covering an array of products and services, including political spots for R. Reagan, B. Boxer (U.S. Senate / CA), and B. Clinton.

Technical Experience

Extensive: from Bolex to Panavision in both 16mm and 35mm, including specialized high-speed cameras in both formats along with the usual industrial cameras.

Special Skills: Miniatures

Wide range of experience in mixing and matching miniatures with live action, including explosions and crashes of every imaginable means of conveyance.

Special Skills: Survival

He has, in the course of his endeavors, been: shot at by Navajos in Utah, seized and threatened at knifepoint by rednecks in Arkansas, chased by AK-47-toting soldiers in Hungary, run out of town by the Penitentes in Truchas, shaken down by the Federales in Baja, and forced to be rude to secure a cab in Rome. He has hung out of and over: planes, balloons, helicopters, boats, rafts, race cars, elevator shafts, too-tall cliffs, and real deep canyons — and yet, he still has enthusiasm and a good attitude.

Special Skills:Travel

He has shot film or tape in 50 states and 13 countries. He has an active U.S. passport, an international driver’s license, and a clear and present willingness to travel.

Special Skills:Networking

He has wide-reaching production experience in New York, Denver, and Los Angeles, as well as other cities, with the ability to pull together crews, equipment or other support services.


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