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zelo: noun, (Italian, zá lo): eagerness; keenness of spirit

Zelo as an attitude is a vital ingredient for any production. It is the positive attitude that says that the mag is half full. It's what we bring to the table every time. You sit down with us, you get up happy. Capisce?

Zelo is a small, flexible, turnkey production company based out of Denver, Colorado. We also have an office in Los Angeles, and when not on client shoots, travel regularly around the country accumulating more stock footage for our files. We supply stock and second unit footage for episodic TV programs, as well as features and special projects.

We also produce industrial, corporate, political, and educational projects on a very cost efficient basis.

Our flexibility is based on the wide range of work we have covered in the last 15 years; from low budget features to miniature effects work; from commercials to political spots, and from one hour dramas to sitcoms.

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