RED ONE camera package, complete with 2 RAIDS, EVF, LCD, 10-1 Cooke with MF; primes; Hi-speed zoom for 2K; 24" monitor; multiple support platforms- O'Connor / Sachtler; MBP 17" + RAID


Arriflex III, with CES crystal motor base, video tap, 4 mags, Cooke 10:1, zoom control, Zeiss Hi-Speeds, 300mm T2.8, matte box, follow focus, filter package


Arriflex SR, with Black Widow video tap, digitach, phase shifter, 3 mags, Ang. 15:1 T2.3, Ang. 3:1 T1.3, 5.7mm T1.8 , 300mm T2.8, zoom control, follow focus, matte box, filter package


Sony HDV Z1U

Sony Digital DX 35WS SP Betacam

matte box, filter package, follow focus, zoom control, monitors for days.

Sony 3 chip DV-TRV-900

Sony XC-999 'cigar-cam' with Sony BVW-25 recorder & remote switches

24P Panasonic DVX100A.

Post Production

Final Cut Studio Pro; with 750Gig RAID array, AJA IO; BetaSP thru DV I/O Betacam SP thru HI8 in and out, 24 FPS capability

Everything fits into a one ton van that holds a 26 unit lighting package, as well as an impressive array of grip and audio gear. There's also a 10 foot jib arm that mounts on the roof of the van, so the operator can stand on the shooting platform which can go on the front or rear, so that you can mount the computerized teleprompter on the camera and shoot high speed car spots. Just in case you need that capability- we have it.

Other Equipment